Liquor Spot is our vibrant new sister chain which compliments and protects the Liquor Centre brand. We offer the Liquor Spot franchise to stores who are unable to have a Liquor Centre franchise. It is based on the fact that it is better to have a second brand under the control of the Liquor Centre umbrella, than a competitor store. The Liquor Spot has cheaper franchise fees and most of the main benefits of the Liquor Centre brand. We already have over 30 liquor spots nationwide.

No contracts

We d not tie store owners down 1, 2 or 3 year contracts. Store can leave the group at an time.

Free Signage for all stores

Dependent on signing of signage contract and local coucil regulations on branding outside of store

Product Pricing
As New Zealand’s largest liquor chain in terms of outlets and location coverage, the Liquor Centre Group receives excellent pricing. Our large sise equates to massive buying power. 

Monthly Specials
Over 800 product specials are received by the Liquor Centre Group from numerous suppliers every month.

Monthly Super Specials (Exclusive to Liquor Centre Group)
Each month the six leading wine and spirits suppliers offer deep cut specials covering selected products. The super special prices are exclusive to Liquor Centre Group and cover products with volume sales.

These could be used to promote and advertise products to attract customers to Liquor Centre stores and to combat the activity of competing chains.

There is a variety of product super specials every month. An average of 35 spirits and 40 wines.

Monthly Value Added Promotions – Continuous Over 12 Months
Value added promotions have been a real success within the Liquor Centre Group and are an effective counter to discounting. Value added promotions enable both the supplier and the retailer to have excellent margins.

Value added promotions are expensive, and suppliers have agreed to these promotions based on the support and track record of the Liquor Centre Group covering past value added promotions

Special Trading Arrangements with Non Liquor Companies
We work with many companies to offer our members the best deals on various products other than alchohol. Soft drinks, chips, biscuits, nuts, faxrolls, pens paper and more! Supported by leading companies such as Coke and Griffins to name a few, we enable stores to have everything they want.

Exclusive Co-op  Rebate Schemes with all Key Suppliers
These are rebate (extra) payments to members based on volume sales of the Liquor Centre Group. We have the most incentive/rebate schemes of any any chain.

Our Own Subsidised Liquor Spot Branded Merchandise

Liquor Spot branded uniforms, price tickets, plastic/paper bags,name badges, flags etc are available to all stores through our online merchandising website.

Our Own Exclusive Brands

We have our own exclusive products that customers can only buy in our stores. Our Selbeys International range, Glacier Bay Remium Wine Range and Three Valleys Premium Range.

Liquor Centre Locals ( Social Media)

Our social media centre is based around facebook. We give away weekly prizes and is loaded with great content. We have the number one facebook page of any liquor chain in NZ!

The Best Group Rates for Credit Cards
i.e. Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express

Special Group Rates for Telephone Calls
i.e. local calls, toll calls, calls to mobile, international calls, etc.

Special Group Rates to Cover Cheque Guarantees



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